The Longer Story

My name is Jean-Paul Delimat. I am the founder of Fire CI. And I am a one man team. I use “we” and “our” in the mission description because it just sounds better.

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I am a developer for more than 10 years. I’ve worked in many different environments: old school enterprise, new school enterprise, startup and consulting. Me and my team mates always find it too hard or too expensive for development teams to have a good CI infrastructure. In enterprise environments you need to hustle with in house Jenkins and the like. It involves the operations team to setup servers. These tasks always get behind production related stuff (which is normal). Operations teams: I love you but you don't have time for us developers, admit it!

Using cloud offerings like Travis or Circle is either slow or expensive. Your builds are either queued all the time or you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month for concurrent builds. And when it is down, the whole team is blocked. Productive developers push very often and want instant feedback on their CI builds. Period.

I've created Fire CI out of a necessity to make my life easier. It certainly has, the time saving has made me and my team more productive. And most importantly, it brought tranquility to our frustration. It was time to share, and help other teams that are probably wasting hours struggling with the same issues. I have thus made Fire CI an online service that any team can use to boost their CI and CD workflows. I hope you like it and that it helps you focus on coding rather than "fighting with the tools".

Happy coding!