How it works?

A new architecture for great results

Builds are run in Docker on your laptops

Each team member installs Docker and the Fire CI agent. Fire CI integrates with your GitHub or Bitbucket repositories and dispatches builds to agents. Build status and logs are pushed in real time to Fire CI servers for your whole team to see.

Scalable and Cost Effective

By design each developer brings their own computing power. This makes Fire CI perform at the same speed with 3, 10 or 100 developers. No need to pay for "always on" cloud resources you don't need.

Fast and Reliable

No build queue anymore. You own the resources that run your own builds. You control how much you want to allocate. Builds are run isolated in Docker in the background. They won't disturb you.

Zero setup agent

Our agent installation is a breeze. It will take you less than 3 minutes to be up and running. The agent will run in the background with a nice tray icon telling you what's what.

Crazy easy YAML configs ...

Fire CI provides an easy to use YAML format to define build pipelines.
Get started in a few minutes with our ready to use templates or create your pipeline definitions.

... or custom Docker hacking with compose

YAML formats have their limitations. You can tune your builds at will hacking directly your own Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml. There is no limits: what Docker can do, Fire CI can do. And that's a lot!

Awesome features

You are going to love Fire CI. It is CI with all the things that have been missing so far.

Merge branches and close PRs faster

  • Builds are never queued. Each developer uses it's own laptop as a build node. No need to share. Fixing typos one after the other? Just cancel all the intermediate builds in a click.
  • It's never down. The "server" is physically under your fingers. It can only be down if you hit the power off button.
  • No need to reinstall dependencies at every build. Fire CI leverages Docker layer caching so only the relevant steps of the build are run. Steps like installing dependencies are cached if your dependencies and versions do not change.

Great Developer Experience

  • Real time logs. Like in real time for real! Not periodically fetched from some remote server. The build runs on your computer in a Docker container. It's like running a native command and reading the output.
  • Instant visual feedback. The Fire CI agent provides a dynamic tray icon indicating the build status and displays desktop notifications for failing builds.
  • Limitless build definition. Use our flexible YAML format to define your pipelines or use raw Dockerfile or full blown Docker compose YAML to run your tests.

How you can pitch this ...

Keep reading even if you are the boss or the security guy or the financy guy or all at once.

.. to your boss

You can promise to never complain about missing CI capacity again! And that when new team members join he doesn't need to do anything. It scales by design.

... to the security guy

You can say that you don't need to send SSH keys and secret codes to external services. Remote servers never fetch your code. It all remains in house. How more secure can it get?

... to the finance guy

It's cheaper! Not because we are cheap but because you don't need to pay for cloud resources you don't need. Try getting 20x concurrency for less than 200 bucks per month!


Solo Plan

Solo developer


per month

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  • 1 user
  • 10 private repositories
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited builds

Fire Plan

Up to 5 developers


per month

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  • 5 users
  • 5 concurrent builds
  • 20 private repositories
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited builds
Lightning Plan

Up to 20 developers


per month

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  • 20 users
  • 20 concurrent builds
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited builds

Free plan. 1 Private Repository. 100 builds/month. Unlimited for open source. Start here.

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30 day money back guarantee

If you're not absolutely thrilled with Fire CI,
you may cancel and get a refund for the most recent month.


Frequently Asked Questions

That are actually worth reading ...

We're just starting out. The prices listed at this time are introductory and will most likely be our lowest as we start to make our product even better! Contact us if you need to know more.
It's all the same as on other SaaS without the lengthy sentences: We accept credit cards and let Braintree do the heavy lifting. We use SSL. We accept monthly or yearly billing. You can cancel your subscription. You can request a refund if you feel like it. We won't steal your money. What else?
We have no ticketing system. We are also developers and consider our customers as team mates. You don't communicate with team mates via tickets right? As a customer your team gets access to a dedicated Slack channel where we can discuss live about your issues, questions and thoughts on how to improve the product.
We support Windows, Mac and Linux (using the AppImage format). The installation process is to signup, download the agent and pair it with your account. It's a 5 minutes thing if you already have Docker installed, 10 minutes if not.
Fire CI can be setup on-premises and integrate with GitHub Enterprise or Bitbucket Server. Shoot us an email if you are interested in learning more.

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